Taiping Horkasai 太平虎咬狮

by Go Taiping

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太平虎咬狮 闻名太平沿海一带的著名饮品。

‘Horkasai’ – is a drink made from local coffee mixed with cocoa, it is a fusion drink that has respective brewing flavor, thus it becomes the most distinctive drink of the Taiping Town.

According to legend after ‘The War of Larut’, the miners and fishermen believed it could provide a positive energy to fight against fatigue, they felt full of energy after drinking ‘Horkasai’, just like tiger’s power that can defeat the lion – thus they named it this symbolic name ‘Horkasai’, literally in Hokkien means Tiger bites Lion.

Comparing to traditional instant coffee, Bosland Raw Beans Coffee Series uses authentic raw coffee beans, pulvarised through the ultra fine pulvarisation process. This is to produce the coffee powder with smallest powder particle possible.

Our ultra fine pulverization process was initially used in Traditional Chinese Medication production, which involves pulvarizing all types of Chinese Herbs into nano-powder form.

This process increases the surface area of all particle of the materials which leads to greater solubility of it. With such properties, human body can absorb all the beneficial properties of the material, and discharge whatever that can’t be absorb by the body.

This has been clinically proven as the TCM produced has greater effect in smaller amount compare to traditionally prepared.

Package size: 15 sachets x 25g (Net Weight: 375g)
Ingredients: Creamer, sugar, coffee, cocoa.
Storage: Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Direction: A sachet for a cup. Pour in 250ml water and stir well.


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